Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: Can I use the rental gear at my dropzone?

    A: If you have a USPA License there is no reason you couldn't use our gear at any Colorado DZ.  Some DZ's may have a policy against non licensed skydivers using outside gear.  It is my understanding that Mile Hi Skydiving has this policy.  Out of the Blue doesn't.  Please contact your DZ to be sure. 

Q: Who packs the Canopy?

    A: Your container will come ready to jump.  The packing of your main was done under the supervision of a FAA rigger as required.  You'll need to hire a packer at your local DZ for all other jumps or you can pack it yourself.  Improperly packed canopies can cause malfunctions and damage to the equipment and you, so if you do not feel comfortable packing, please hire a packer. They'll usually charge around $10 a pack job. You can return the container to us unpacked or packed.

Q: I don't have a license and I am subject to wind limits.  What if I rent the gear and don't get to jump?

    A: If you are renting locally (Colorado) and you don't get to do as many jumps equal to or more than the cost of a per jump rate because of weather, you will be given a rebate.  Example: Daily rate is $70 and you only do 1 jump.  You would be rebated $40 so that your 1 jump only cost you the $30 it would have if you were renting per jump.

If you are jumping out of state and are renting for longer than 1 day, unfortunately you are obligated to pay for the rental period even if you don't get to use the rig as much as you would have preferred.

Q: Am I limited on the number of jumps I can do?

    A: No, do as many jumps as you like.  That's the point!  We may ask you how many jumps you did when you return the gear just to keep track of jumps on the gear.

Q: Can I take a rented rig to other DZ's?

    A: Yes. Are you going to a boogie or traveling to another DZ and want to take a rig with you? Rent the gear on a weekly basis or more.

Q: Can I purchase the rented gear?

    A: Yes, all our gear is available for purchase.  The more it's jumped the cheaper the cost will get.  All our gear is listed online for sale.  Check back often to see the new price.  We strive to have the best equipment available for rent and will be replacing it frequently.  All of our rental canopies have less than 300 jumps on them.

Q: Do you offer multiple day discounts?

 A:  Yes, The longer you rent the rig for, the cheaper it is per day.  Rental periods offered are 1 day ($70), 2 day ($130), 3 day ($180), 1 week ($250), 2 week ($420), 3 week ($510), 1 month ($600).  

 Q: Can you ship a rig to me out of state?

 A:  Yes, but there is a minimum rental period and shipping costs.  The minimum rental period is 3 days, or $180.  If the rental period and the time required for shipping includes two weekends, then the minimum would be a 1 week rental or $250.  Shipping would be an additional $125.  

Q: Why can't I pay with a Credit Card on the check out?

    A: For your Security, you can pay with your Credit Card through Paypal when you check out in that fashion.  If you prefer to not use Paypal and would still like to use a credit card, call us and we can take it over the phone.  At this time our website is not set up to accept credit cards outside of Paypal.

Q: You don't have the size or color of the item I want.

    A: We have a small inventory of some items in stock.  Some items are discontinued or clearance items.  If you don't see what you want, email us.  We can special order just about anything you could need.  Often times cheaper than the other online companies.



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